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12/08/2019 - Life member/ Member of the year

Life Member 2019

Paul Monkhouse

Tonight (12-8-19), I have the honour and privilege to present the Charger Club’s 3rd Life Membership.

Mr Paul Monkhouse.

Congratulation Paul…this is very much deserved.

Paul has been a member since 2003 and as a club we are very lucky to have Paul as a member, let me add in here that Paul didn’t have a running vehicle for quite some time. Anyway, within a couple of years Paul had become apart of the exclusive committee.

Paul has been secretary, treasurer V.P and The President and He’s still on the general committee…This just show’s Paul’s Love for the club and of course his love for everything Chrysler.

Paul was rebuilding his Charger himself…I’m not sure about the engine but what I do know is that…What Paul didn’t know how to do, He went to night school and learned how to do it himself…that’s commitment. 

I joined the committee 8 years ago and I would joke around and introduce Paul to new members and say…this is Paul our president (or whatever roll he was in at the time) and say…Paul tells us he has a Charger but I’m not quite sure if this is a fact because no one has ever seen it…I did have to change that story because Wayne went to Paul’s one day and BINGO yes he has a Charger 😊

I can’t remember when Paul got his Charger on the road but what a fantastic Job he did.

I would also like to Thank Paul’s Lovely Wife because if it wasn’t for her understanding of Paul’s passion…we may not have Paul with us…so a very big Thank you to Ngaere.

Paul was the person behind getting Leo Geoghegan to our 2011 Everything Chrysler Expo…For that I would personally like to Thank Paul, because personally I have made some amazing Friends…and all the members had the chance to meet the racing legend himself.

Again, Paul was responsible for meeting and inviting Cameron Tilly over here to the west…Again Thank you Paul.

Paul has attended for as long as I can remember all the council of motoring meetings and reported back to the club.

A couple of years ago Paul took over the job of running the Doug Chivas Memorial Collie Track Day, from John Urquhart another huge job.

These are just a few things that Paul does for the club…BUT it really doesn’t stop there, if you notice Paul always has sheets in front of him at all the meetings, he also deals with all the non-club runs.

I’m sure I’ve missed things like the merchandise he always has, but we haven’t got all night.

I’m sure I can count on one hand how many meetings and club runs that Paul has missed. He is always there!!

I’m going to wrap this up now with these parting words…



Kylie Sewell

Vice President

Charger Club of W.A.


Murray Neindorf


12/08/2019 - AGM


Thankyou to all members and friends that came to the club AGM on Monday 12th August.

Thanks to all of you who put their hand up to be involved on the committee this year.

The following are your new committee for the coming year.

The committee is made up of volunteers and if you contact any of the committee members please keep in mind that they work and will answer your request when they are able. Thank you.



John Hartley

Vice President  

Maureen Harris


Darren Isaac


Mike Fantasia

Concessional Licensing/ compliance officer

Stephen Trefry 


Charger Club Committee Members


Paul Monkhouse 

Santo Mannino   


Paul Najjar 

Murray McFeggan


Kylie Sewell

Kim Belcastro


Darren Witte

Keegan Rowe


Rohan Hite

Mark Hillier


Ron Day  


Charger Club Webmasters


Keegan Rowe

Kim Belcastro



 At the AGM the motion was put forward that
the Charger Club membership fee is to remain at $60.00 per person, per year.  
This motion was passed unanimously  

 Fees are due and payable as of 12th August 2019.


27/07/2019 - Colie Track Day 2019

Saturday 27th July
Annual Collie track day

Put your name down and come and spend the day driving down at Collie. 

If you don't want to drive and still want to be a part of this annual club event there will be jobs to do, flags, starting etc...

Please contact Paul Monkhouse Phone 0459 325 340

Food, tea, coffee and soft drinks will be on sale.

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Saturday 28 September 2019
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