03/02/2016 - Charger Club attacks the track this Sunday!

A number of Charger Club of WA members are entered in the first round of the Club Sprint series held at the RAC Driver Training and Education Centre at 16 Grogan Road, near the Perth Airport.

If you're quick you could enter your car, or just come along to watch from 12:30pm.


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15/01/2016 - 2016 is go!

The final meeting of 2015 held at the RAC Driver Education facility was a great success! 8 cars were let out onto the track lined up behind one of the professional drivers in their track spec commodore. Each lap a new car become the 2nd car in the procession to follow the instructor giving everyone a chance to see how close than could keep up to them. No helmets were required so speeds were not very high but still enough to get some spirited driving from the cars, or put around and catch up and the end of each lap if that was your preference.

Juergen also spoke to the members and enthralled everyone with his knowledge and experience of both race and street driving, covering everything from safe seating position in a street car to who on the road is a high risk of accidents (that's race car drivers believe it or not!)



So now we move into 2016! We've already had our first meeting and the next big event on the horizon is the Super Cruise on 12th March. To refresh your memory how cool the Super Cruise is, you can watch some videos made from the 2014 Super Cruise here.

Motorvation is on next weekend which is more for the 'bogan' crowd or car enthusiast it might be fair enough to say, though the event is defintely family friendly and event organizers do very well and the crowd is always well behaved. A small contingent from the Charger Club of WA will be there to cruise, race and just generally enjoy their own and other peoples' cars.

We're also asking all members to send in info via the 'Members Machine' page of the website so we can share your car! Or if you already have your info on the site, maybe update it with any new info.

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