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Monthly Meetings

Please note: All club meetings are scheduled for 7:30pm at Belmont Sports and Recreation Centre (see below for more details).

Non-club Events

October 2018

Sunday 28 October - Ignition South West Auto Show

From the Facebook page...

Just a quick update we are closer and closer to locking in a location which is very excited in locking in the location we have more room for activities.

In having more room for activities what would you guys the entrants and spectators want to see or have at the show

Let us know below with all your ideas


More info coming soon...


Please note:

  • For further information on club events contact the club phone on 0459 325 340 or Layne on 0439 631 888.
  • Some runs and dates may change.

Venue for Club Meetings

The Charger Club of WA holds its club meetings at Belmont Sports and Recreation Centre, which is located at the corner of Abernathy Road and Keane Street in Cloverdale.

All club meetings are scheduled for 7:30pm (6.30 pm for the committee meeting). Plenty of parking available. Meetings occur on the second Monday of each calendar month - we hope to see you there. Light snacks and refreshments are available.