Production - Vehicle Identification

How to identify a VG pacer

Body Numbers and Compliance Plates

All models produced after 1 January 1970 will be identifiable with a compliance plate as well as the body number stamped on the driver's side inner mudguard, body numbers appear on both, as follows:


Sedan VG7-S-41  ####
Hardtop (manual)  VG7-S-23 ####
Hardtop (automatic)  VG8-S-23  ####


The key element is the 'S' denoting 'special', other models are denoted L, M, or H (low, medium, high specification)


Option Codes

These appear on the Compliance Plate and identify factory fitted options, they do not identify genuine (or other) accessories fitted by a dealer, or the purchaser.


Engine Number Prefixes

The engine number breakdown for Pacers is:


First Character  Six cylinder inline 'Hemi' engine
First Numeral  245 cubic inches displacement
Second Numeral  High performance Pacer
Third Numeral  1  Automatic transmission
  Three speed manual gearbox
Second Character  1970
  B 1971
Numbers  ##### Individual identifying number assigned to the engine


1970 (manual)  D243A #####
1971 (manual)  D243B  #####
1970 (automatic)  D241A #####
1971 (automatic)  D241B  #####


Identifying a Vehicle with no Body Number or Compliance Plate

Information contained below is intended to assist with correctly identifying vehicles in various states of completeness by providing a description of unique parts to look for to assist with the identification process.

Every vehicle from Chrysler Australia has the body number written in chalk under the plenum, which was added in the very early stages of its progress on the production line. These numbers survive quite legibly on even very rusty cars, the chalk seems to provide just a bit more than zero protection for bare metal, and hence the number can often remain readable.

Looking in the region behind the glove box, upwards and towards the firewall, the observer should note large handwritten lettering, example: 

8S-23-209:  Denotes the vehicle will be an automatic Pacer Hardtop, body number 209


Unique Features

Pacer bodies do have a number of distinguishing unique features which do not appear on other models.


These features can be used in support of other evidence to successfully identify an unknown vehicle especially if the vehicle under consideration can be compared against another known specimen from a similar sequence of vehicles, maybe within two-or-three body numbers. 


These features are detailed in the sub-headings below.



  • Valiant script style badge as opposed to individual V-A-L-I-A-N-T letters used on other models, no evidence of mounting holes from individual letters should be present
  • No chrome decorative strips, emblems or ornaments, or evidence of mounting holes should be present
  • Black (sometimes steel) decorative strip on leading edge, not chrome plated aluminium


Front Mudguards

  • No badges fitted to mudguards, no evidence of mounting holes should be present
  • Pentastar plastic badge fitted to lower section of passenger side front mudguard
  • No chrome decorative strips, wheel arch trims may be fitted as an accessory
  • Black (sometimes steel) decorative strip (eyebrow moulding) on leading edge, not chrome plated aluminium



  • No chrome decorative strips or mouldings
  • Door window frames will be painted body colour, or painted black
  • Upper inner door surfaces will be painted, not vinyl covered
  • Window glass regulator handles should be chrome with black plastic knob, not chrome with a chrome knob (to be confirmed)


Boot Lid

  • No badges were fitted to the boot lid, no evidence of mounting holes from badges or individual letters should be present, wheel arch trims may be fitted as an accessory
  • No chrome decorative strips, emblems or ornaments, or evidence of mounting holes should be present 


Rear Quarter Panels and Roof

  • No chrome decorative strips, emblems or ornaments, or evidence of mounting holes should be present
  • Chrome plated die-cast aluminium cover strip fitted to base of C-pillar at point where the roof panel adjoins the quarter panel (sedan only)
  • Badges (one per side) fitted at lower portion of C-pillar (HEMI 2 BARREL, HEMI 4 BARREL), two holes per side should be evidenced
  • Fuel filler cap approximately centrally located on passenger side quarter panel, (all models, sedan and hardtop except A84 option)
  • Fuel filler cap located on upper section of passenger side quarter panel, slightly rearward of the leading edge of boot lid (sedan with A84 option)


Floor Panels

  • Strengthening plates spot welded to floor for seat mounting bolts, should be eight in number, the outer ones welded to the underside of car, the inner ones welded inside the car
  • Absence of above plates (inner ones) suggests a car which did not leave factory with bucket seats
  • Floor mounted gearshift aperture, a rounded pressed metal box which sits atop the transmission tunnel, spot welded to the floor (manual transmission models)
  • Selector aperture, a round hole approximately 65mm with a rubber boot supported by metal ring attached to passenger side of transmission tunnel, approximately in line with the front edge of dashboard, and additional mounting plates to support a floor mounted console  (hardtop models with automatic transmission)
  • Front and rear seat belt mounting points will be in evidence
  • Seat belts should be the KANGOL brand, the type with the magnetic buckles, used only on Pacer models (to be confirmed)


Dash Board, Steering Column and Instrument Cluster

  • Dash board is finished in satin black painted metal with a padded crash pad which features extensions at each end, and also immediately to the left of the instrument cluster
  • A stainless steel strip with red inlay is fitted to the glove box lid and dashboard in a horizontal position slightly below the location of heater/ventilation controls
  • Pacer script badge fitted to left hand side of glove box lid, two holes will be in evidence, these holes do not align with badges from other models, the hole positions are unique to Pacer models, the left hole is higher than the right hole
  • Steering column is finished in satin black painted metal, should not have any features relating to having been fitted with a column mounted gear change
  • Steering wheel should be black polyurethane rim with two aluminium spokes incorporating a combination horn ring with horn buttons (all models except A84 option)
  • Models with A84 option have a unique horn button bar with no horn ring
  • Instrument cluster which includes tachometer, PACER script logo printed on lower edge of inner instrument bezel, between speedometer and tachometer



Luxury accessories are generally an indication the vehicle under consideration may not be a Pacer, items such as:

  • Boot light, glove box light, engine bay light, ash tray light
  • Illuminated ignition switch bezel (with/without delay)
  • Illuminated ash tray
  • Remotely operated rear view mirrors
  • Air conditioning


Brakes, Wheels and Tyres

  • Brakes are standard VG Valiant disc brake system, wheels are 14" x 5.5"J (models except A84 option)
  • For models with A84 option, thicker wall disc brakes with no rear dust shields (front) and ventilated brake drums with no self-adjusting mechanisms (rear), brake proportioning valve, wheels are 14" x 6.0"JJ


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