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The "Charger Club Of WA INC" is open to all enthusiasts that have an interest in any Chrysler products. The club currently has around 200 members and conducts monthly club events and meetings.

Cars in the club range from as early as 'R' Series Valiants through to CM Chryslers and various American models including American Chargers, Challengers and `Cudas. We also cater for new Chryslers such as the 300C, Neons, PT Cruisers and Jeeps if that's your preference.

The club was established in 1996 as a Charger only concern, which was changed shortly after. This is the only club in Western Australia catering for all forms of the Chrysler Marque.

Contact Information

Club Mobile Phone 0459 325 340
Club Postal Address PO Box 654
Cannington, WA 6987

Charger Club Executive Committee Members

President Maureen Harris
Vice President Sean Sandercock
Secretary Kevin Hammer
Treasurer Darren Isaac
Concessional Licensing /
compliance officer
Stephen Trefry

Charger Club Committee Members

Andrea Mattingly
Colyn Robinson
Daniel Saggers
John Hartley
Mike Fantasia
Murray McFeggan
Paul Monkhouse
Rohan Hite
Ron Day
Sandie Hammer
Santo Mannino

Charger Club Website and technology support

Keegan Rowe

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