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Wanted - Valiant tailgate

Wanted VH, VJ, VK ute tailgate in reasonable condition, preferred complete with hinges etc

Contact: Anthony Sweeney | View Contact Information
Date: 10 May 2021

For Sale - Distributor

DSM Slantsix Electronic Distributor never used still in box

Photograph for listing 'Distributor'   
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Price: $120
Contact: Rob | View Contact Information
Date: 07 May 2021

For Sale - 1972 VH charger 770 265 3 speed on the floor manual

1972 VH Charger 770 (VH7H29)

265 hemi (non original however correct dates)
Factory 3 speed floor shift manual
Factory paint "spring gold metallic" (was told repainted 25+ years ago to HSV rubens red mica)
Factory trim "tan"

After scouring old farm sheds, tree lines and paddocks for a 1970s aussie car of any make, i finally stumbled across this forgotten gem, covered up sitting next to a tractor in a dusty leaning shed on a secluded dirt road in the south west.
Not being able to find anyone around i slipped a note inside the flywire sliding door of the nearby farmhouse with my name and number asking the possibility of having a look at what was under the tarp.

6 months passed and i could not get the thought of this unknown covered car out of my mind. On the way back from work one afternoon i was driving within 10k of the location and decided i would take a quick detour and see if i could find anyone in the vicinity. Again to no avail... i decided (seeing i was already there) i would go to the neighboring property to see if they knew who owned the vehicle. The neighbor was very helpful and offered me the property owners name and telephone number. I continued on home where i dialled the number and left a message detailing i had left a note in the screen door 6 months ago and would love the opportunity to just come and have a look.
A week later the gentleman called me back. He explained the car was infact a aussie built 1972 VH 770 valiant charger and after much conversation we arranged a time to meet up the next week as he was now living in the city.
I arrived at the farm at the arranged time to find the gentleman waiting at the shed. After taking the covers off i was thrilled to find the car in good condition and 95% complete. He explained that he had bought the car off its second custodian in 1980. He went on to mention the charger had been a very reliable and loved car which he drove daily until the early 2000s when he parked it in the shed and tarped it up as his son wanted to restore back to its former glory.
I asked the gentleman if he would ever consider selling the charger, explaining that i had been looking for an aussie built 1970s coupe to restore for many years. The man explained that the charger had far too much sentimental value to be able to sell, to which i told him i completely undertood, however if he was ever to change his mind i was only a phonecall away. We covered the car back up, i thanked him for letting me come and see the car and left the farm thinking "well that one is going to turn to dust...what a shame"

6 months passed and i had all but forgotten the charger (had to... to be able to move on with life) when i unexpectedly received a phonecall from the gentleman. He explained he had been thinking about the car and realised he didnt want to see it sit and rust to nothing. he had spoke to his son who told him he did not want to continue restoring the car.
The gentleman asked if i would like to come out and take another look at the car and we could possibly negotiate a price then if i was still interested......... i could not get the word YES out of my mouth quick enough!

I met the gentleman at the shed a week later and had a good look over the car. I noticed various small bogged up non painted repairs thst had been started. He explained he could get it running to which i declined, not wanting to clog the fuel system with nasties. We came to an agreement on price and i drove out with a trailer to pick it up the following weekend.
I got the charger home and put it in the time capsule (shed) where it has lay untouched since that day 6 years ago.

It has finally become time for me to "shit or get off the pot" so to speak.

After much (much) consideration i have decided to move the car on to the next custodian as i have other projects i would like to focus on and will not be able to give the charger the love it deserves in the near future.

This is truely already a regretful sale, as you will probably understand if you love these machines the way i do.

The car does have rust in the usual places as can be expected from a very nearly 50 year old build.

I would suggest coming to look at the car if you are interested.

I do not wish for tyre kickers wasting my time.

I am aware that restored versions of this car (VH7H29) have been selling for 70-80 thousand dollars. With a 6 pack model (tripple webber) in the same color/trim combination selling around $120000 earlier in the year.

That being said the car is in need of full restoration and is why the offering price is as it is.

I have the full spec sheet from valiant info base which i have no problems showing to serious potential buyers.

From what i can deduce from the database information this car is 1 of 3 known surviving examples of (VH7H29) with the exact build specs. It also has option code G60 (delete pop out rear windows/insert front vents) which is not stamped on the plate but was optioned from factory.

Please email enquiries only as i would like to seek out potential serious buyers.

Located in Bunbury

Photograph for listing '1972 VH charger 770 265 3 speed on the floor manual' Photograph for listing '1972 VH charger 770 265 3 speed on the floor manual' Photograph for listing '1972 VH charger 770 265 3 speed on the floor manual'
Photograph for listing '1972 VH charger 770 265 3 speed on the floor manual' Photograph for listing '1972 VH charger 770 265 3 speed on the floor manual' Photograph for listing '1972 VH charger 770 265 3 speed on the floor manual'
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Price: $32,500
Contact: Leon | View Contact Information
Date: 10 December 2020