Production - Vehicle Identification

VIN Decoding - Australian Mopars - VC to VF

By Keegan Rowe

On early models the body number is stamped in to the right hand inner fender.

First and second character:
Indicates the model. V for valiant and C/E/F for the model.

Third character:
Indicates the gearbox that was supplied.

3 6 cylinder manual transmission
4 6 cylinder auto transmission
6 8 cylinder auto transmission
7 6 cylinder HP manual transmission
8 6 cylinder HP auto transmission

Fourth character:
The price range:

L Low
E Economy
M Medium
H High
S Special
P Premium

Fifth and sixth character:
The body type:

20 Utility
23 2 Door Hardtop
41 4 Door Sedan
45 4 Door Station Wagon

Each body has a unique serial number which reflects it's production number, numbers are sequential starting from 00001 in each body type.

For example, VE8-M-41-0123. This decodes as a Valiant 'E' model, with a 6 cylinder HP automatic transmission, medium price range in a sedan body. The transmission type dictates the engine type as well - the HP automatic indicates that the engine is a 160HP Slant 6 cylinder.