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CL Charger
Brett Roberts
Last Updated: 15/01/2016

This is one of my first charger rebuilds and dates back to 1996. So the paint is now over 13 years old and still looking good. Had minimal rust except for the plenum chamber, which took two weeks to repair. The top of the plenum is from a Chrysler by Chrysler sedan, as these cars had much better proof coating than the poor old CL range. I don't think the CL's got much more than a light dusting of paint before assembly, even earier models seem to be better factory rust protected than the later ones?
All original panels, and original sports stripe, as we masked around it before the re-spray.
Engine is 265 E49+ spec with a new set of triples and repro R/T exhaust. Factory 4 speed, LSD and W35 alloys.
Options read, E33,D20,A60,D52,G15,L73,R82,W35.
Original Boca Raton seat fabric was sourced in USA, and retrimmed locally.
The charger is regularly driven and has been used in many events like the Perth Classic Car rally, Doug Chivas memorial track day ( see trophy) and local drag racing at kwinana. Notice the extra brake vacuum tank, nothing worst than running out of brakes on the track!

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