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1968 VE Valiant CHR 68
Clint & Karolyn Ward
Last Updated: 15/01/2016

This is my VE Valiant.  I’m the 3rd owner of the car which was purchased in 2002.  The car runs with a Slant 6 with 904 Torque Flite Auto transmission.

I received the car in reasonable condition but realized that it needed some work and TLC.  The VE has had several modifications (a work in progress!). When I first purchased the car it was used as a daily driver and an LPG conversion was done, along with a HP/American late model slant electronic Dizzy and 88 000 volt coil.
Soon after, the car was sent to AB Performance for an engine upgrade with some of the following specs:
•       0.060 o/size pistons
•       Deck engine block
•       Reground crankshaft
•       Rotating assembly balanced
•       Rollmaster timing gear
•       Ford 302W valves with heavy duty springs/Crane collets/retainers
•       Head ported and compression increased to 10:1
•       Sorts grind camshaft 25/65
•       904 Transmission fitted with B & M Transpak shift kit

Brakes soon become an issue, so the blokes at AB’s converted the front brakes to VG discs with the early stud pattern.  The suspension has been totally replaced and a set of 16” Dragway Pros were thrown on.

Since this work has been performed, an Offenhauser 4 Barrel intake manifold has been installed with a Gas research 400 single Carb and B2 Convertor, as the VE now runs straight LPG.  The battery has been moved to the boot to allow for a cool air induction plumbing.
A touch of shine was added with an Offenhauser rocker cover and Birdcage style 80 amp alternator.

The interior has also been changed with VIP front buckets and the column shift auto has been converted to floor shift with coffin style console floor shift.

Many thanks,
Clint Ward CHR 68

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