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1965 Plymouth Satellite
Todd Keen
Last Updated: 15/01/2016

I bought the car in 2005 after spotting it sitting in a trucking yard. It was imported to Australia via Melbourne in 1992, and the previous owner bought it over to Perth. It was then given a quick respray, retrim and mechanical rebuild, however it has never been licensed or driven on the road in Australia. It had been sitting out in the open for a few years before I bought it, and the paint and trim are showing the effects. It was an original 383 4 barrel car, with 727 trans and 8 ¾ diff, though I bought it with a 440 motor fitted. Other options fitted were air conditioning and power steering. It has been fitted with power disc brakes on the front wheels. It's still LH drive and I intend to keep it that way.

My plans for the car are to give it a full bare metal respray in it's original white over metallic turquoise colour, return the interior to the original medium blue trim, and to mechanically rebuild it as a Max Wedge car, even though Max Wedge engines were not an option in 1965. This may take a while as I need to find the time and spare finance to fit it in around my other commitments, but there's no rush. I'd rather take my time and do a good job to return another classic Chrysler product to the road where it belongs.

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