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1971 VH Regal Hardtop
Mike Ivanovski
Last Updated: 25/05/2018

The next project has started and I hope it will hit the road in about 2 years or so.

We have just purchased a 1971 VH Regal Hard top with a 318 V8 floor shift Auto with a sports dash.
I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I went out to have a look at it in a back yard of a guy's house
in Swan View. At first the car was dirty wet and full of spider's webs but apart from a carbi the car was complete most of it worked the doors opened and the windows went up and down. The tyres were flat so I couldn't see underneath so after a quick chat amongst our selves we decided to make an offer because even if the underneath was rusted out there was enough parts to sell as a wreck. The owner accepted my offer and after 5 people helping me push it onto the trailer we got it to my mate's house for a better look. I got the vehicle up on the hoist and much to my amazement the underneath was too good to be true hardly any rust of any concern at all. The car has had some earlier repairs you could see the panels that have been welded in and the bog has swirl marks in it they didn't finish it of properly. They then sprayed what I think may be a limelight green paint over the car the original color is Maroon. I had a Holley 600 in the Shed so I bolted it on the 4 barrel Edelbrock manifold put in a new battery fixed up some wiring primed some new fuel to the carbi changed the oil and filter checked the plugs and points drained the water so after a few cranks she fired up rattled and smoked for a minute then hummed like a new car.

Here are some early pictures I will update more info and Pics' s as I go along, any one has any advise or parts that they don't need anymore than get in touch all help will be greatly appreciated.

If you want to know I picked it up for $750 dollars I don't think I paid too much or did I...

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