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1974 VJ Charger XL
Darren Witte
Last Updated: 15/01/2016

This car has been a 4 year project to build. The original car was purchased by me in 1989 and driven (and modified) until 1993 when it was taken off the road with plans for a major rebuild. The usual marriage, house, kids thing put the plans on hold until 2001 when I could pick up the spanners and get the project underway. The project was finished recently and the car was licensed on the 20th December 2005.

The Charger has a number of modifications throughout and a strong driveline consisting of a heavily worked 265 sporting six pack induction and a 2.5 inch exhaust. This backed by a strengthened BW35 with a 2700 rpm stall torque convertor driving a 3.23:1 LSD out of an R/T Charger (with the finned drum brakes). It has been repainted in silver with some R/T style stripes and tail treatment, completely reupholstered and much more!

Full details of the project can be viewed at my website:

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