Event Pictures - 2012

WA Charger Club Super Cruise

Date: 4/2/2012

Photos by: Bruce England

It was a great turnout - 124 awesome Chryslers, it was a wonderful sight to behold. The weather was perfect as was the atmosphere; I hope everyone enjoyed the day.

We also had the absolute pleasure of having little Katie our "Make A Wish" child attend, she was so excited to go on the cruise in a real muscle car.

Thanks John, she Loved the cruise and just loved the T-Shirt we presented her.

A huge thank you to Cheryl and Scott from Zachˇ¦s Commercial Artists, for their very generous sponsorship. All the profits from the T-Shirtˇ¦s go to the "Make A Wish" foundation.

Between entry fees, T-Shirts and donations we raised nearly $1450.00 for the

"Make A Wish Foundation" Thank you all for your generosity.

FYI: We also had 3 photographers from 3 National Magazines taking photos of our fantastic display.

Yours sincerely

Kylie Sewell

Vice President

Charger Club of WA


Following is a letter to the Charger Club of WA following the cruise event.


To Ron, Kylie and all Charger Club of WA members,

We would like to acknowledge and thank all club members for their support of the Make a Wish Foundation on the Supercruise day. The foundation, through the generous support of organisations such as yours, allows kids who have dealt with some tough times in their lives to experience some of the more fantastic aspects of life. All recipients of wishes are grateful for the opportunity the support of community groups provides.

On a personal note we would like to thank John for allowing Caidee and I the honour of cruising at the head of the procession, and for his fantastic engagement and patience with Caidee. Ever since that day I think we have a budding Charger owner in our midst! She has not stopped talking about it since (and wants to wear her t-shirt everyday).

Once again thankyou to all we talked to on the day and for your support of the fantastic Make a Wish Foundation.

Dale and Marnie Butler