Event Pictures - 2012

Motorvation 26

Date: 14/01/2012

Photos by: Darren Witte, David Witte, Andrew Lax

Motorvation 26

Article by Darren Witte

Photo's by Darren Witte, David Witte, Andrew Lax

Motorvation this year was extended to 3 days with the gates opening to the public on the Friday night. This meant I had to get down to the Motorplex on Friday morning to drop off the club trailer and enough supplies to ensure everyone would have enough to eat and plenty of cold drinks.

I met up with Al who entered his 71 Plymouth Cuda packing a 547 cube big block with more than 700 horsepower. I must admit it made my humble 265 six pack seem tame. We soon hit the strip for the Friday night supercruise which was great fun as the evening was cooling down and the cars performed strongly. Despite not all entrants being on site there was a strong contingent of cars involved.

That night my son and I enjoyed the burnout contest before the gates closed and I spent a few hours checking out the cars.

Saturday morning saw the last of our entrants arrive, Andrew with his 68 Dodge Charger with 440 power which soon was dubbed the 'Redneck Express'. The 3 of us were all that entered this year for the club and we have all agreed that for next year's event we will be running a strong recruiting drive to get as many mopars as possible in under the club banner.

Saturday was pretty warm but the fans thronged through the gates regardless. We caught up with many club members and mates and handed out dozens of flyers advertising the Chrysler Supercruise. One of the more notable visitors to the Charger club tent was Jim, all the way from the USA (check out issue 16 of Chrysler Action magazine to his beautiful 68 Hemi Roadrunner) who had plenty of great stories about the restoration of that car and his mopar adventures in the US. We also met Matt with his 69 Plymouth Roadrunner who has since joined the club.

Unfortunately during the afternoon Al hurt the Cuda and it was game over for him.

Saturday night saw those of us who had entered catch up with a few club regulars (Paul and Dean) and a few Mopar loving mates for a few beers and a lot of laughs whilst we watched the burnout competition. The night was closed out with a juicy steak sandwich (cooked by yours truly) and a few more beers.

Sunday saw All leave early to take the Cuda home whilst Andrew and I rounded out the weekend with another supercruise and chatting with a fair few more spectators.

Despite the low numbers, all of us had an awesome weekend and I would love to see more people make the commitment to spend a weekend with us at the Motorplex. I guarantee that you will have a ball!

Next year we plan to have Mike and the blown VJ join us and hopefully dominate the burnout competition.

For more information on what Motorvation is all about and to register your interest in being part of the club entry call me, Darren, on 0427 301 169 or email me at