Event Pictures - 2011

Waroona Cruise

Date: 30/10/2011

Photos by: Michael Charlesworth

Cruise to Waroona

30th October 2011


Another cruise another great day!


The weather was fantastic and it was a 9.00am meet for a 9.30am departure, not too early and not too late. Sadly we only had size cards to start. But thankyou to Norm Neindorff who took the time to come down to see the rest of us off - sadly he couldn't join us for the run due to other commitments.


For anybody else who can't spend the day on a run it is always a good point of contact just to turn up and have a chat with other club members on the cruise, so maybe next time the invitation is always there for all Club members to come down like Norm did just to say hello!


Importantly we had Michael Charlesworth, a new member to the Club on his first official run – a big warm welcome to a new member who we hope to see a lot more of.


I also was not planning to go all the way to Waroona and suggested to the other that if they saw me driving up one of the of the off –ramps not to worry and carry on!

Funnily though with the extension of the Freeway South to Bunbury the drive to Waroona happened very quickly, or it may have just been Sarah in my ear that passed the time!!!


So before we knew it we were in Waroona with the windows down and the convoy in tow behind Bruce, Amy and his work van towing the Club trailer. The trip was very pleasurable and we stopped just past Waroona for a leg stretch/toilet break and it was here that we were joined by Kylie Sewell and her friend Bonnie. Saddling up again we drove onward till we got to the gravel road leading to the Urquhart home. This gravel stretch was about 3km's and can I say that polished cars and gravel roads do not go well together.


Arriving at the house we were warmly greeted and shown around the house and sheds and even shown the charger chapel, something we all gave praise to! It was a wonderful, relaxing afternoon and a run certainly worth having. As Kylie mentioned earlier in this newsletter – a very big thankyou to John and Elizabeth Urquhart who opened up their beautiful home and kitchen to us all!