Event Pictures - 2009

Bindoon/Toodyay Cruise

Date: 15/11/2009

Photos by: Todd Teasdale

A quick over view of the day....
We had a fair turnout with around 12 cars attending.  We even had some international flare on the day with a couple from Finland in their Dart GTS coming along for the cruise.  The Chuggers generally had the numbers on the day with an American Charger, an old 300F(?), a couple 300C's, Murray's Cobrapar and a japper also making the numbers up.
After the obligatory gas bag at the meeting point we took off towards Bindoon around 11am.  The roads to Bindoon are a work in process at the mo and the acronym WA means "Wait awhile" for that section to be completed.  Some of us grabbed a snack at the Bindoon bakery before we headed south for a couple kays and then east down Julimah Road towards Toodyay.  This is a beautiful section of road and we all managed to behave and resist the temptation to open up the secondaries or throttle bodies in the case of the new stuff.
At Toodyay we found a great little grassed area next to the minature train track and fired up the club BBQ.  We generally lazed around for a couple hours with most attendees gradually peeling off and returning to Perth at their own leisure.  Nothing preventing us to really get this cruise going as a real family day.  The train track is fantastic for the little ones and lazing back with a coldie great for the more mature of us.  We had an impromptu look at the Coco Cola collection at the Toodyay Cafe before the last of us headed back into town.
Todd Teasdale