Event Pictures - 2009

ChargerClub/RAC track day

Date: 30/09/2009

Photos by: Todd Teasedale

September 30th - Charger Club of WA / RAC track day
There were 11 cars that showed up for a track work-out and 2 or 3 that showed up for a look.  The weather was perfect, cool and partly cloudy.  The out field had plenty of slippery green grass but no takers ventured there. 
The first couple of goes was a one lap familiarisation drive and then return to pits.  Then we progressed to two hot laps which was alot more fun.  Without being able to mix it with other cars it was a bit sedate for some and without Bruce being there in some sort of bunky to provide the off field entertainment for the growing spectators.
The gymkana track was of a bit more lively.  Most driversd started off carefully and then picked up the pace with a bit of drift action. One drivers drift action turned into a smoke-up resulting in ....no names.....Darren (300C), getting ticked off by the facilitator.
No offs and no break downs and a great afternoon was had by all.  Oh yeah and we all managed to drive home.