Event Pictures - 2008

Doug Chivas Memorial Collie Race Day

Date: 3rd May 2008

Photos by: Keegan Rowe

On the drive down to Collie the rain did not look good but it all cleared up by about 8:30am. Unfortunately we were only able to get 8 or so Mopars at the event with the rest of the numbers filled up by other makes a models - Triumphs, Fords, Monaros, new japanese cars, large go-karts, a Torana GTR XU-1 and a Chrysler 300C.

The day was event free with no problems occuring for too many cars. One charger lost a fan belt and started overheating whilst a VG Hardtop had some timing problems. Most had very hot brakes if they trying to go fast, with some cars pulling in to the pits with smoking front wheels.

All in all another great event organised by John Urqhart.