Event Pictures - 2007

New Norcia run

Date: Sunday 21st October 2007

Photos by: Dick Scaife

Nine cars met at Bunnings car park, Midland, as planned at about 0930 Sunday morning, some of us were early, some just rolled up in time for the off. Our cars must have been impressive, there were a lot of people circling around to have a look on their way in and out of their Sunday morning hardware fix.

We took off and had a good run, under grey skies, to Bindoon, where a stop at the bakery for coffees, tea and plenty of cakes was enjoyed by all. About 30 minutes was enough, too tempting to go back in for more eccles cakes or cream buns, so all headed out for New Norcia. The convoy got pretty split up, could have been due in part to Murray taking the lead and driving with the brick on rather than under the Charger's go pedal…at least that what we thought until arrival at the parking area and found all the good spots taken up by Chargers that had somehow got there ahead of us…Murray??

All agreed the road surface from Bindoon was uniformly crappy, with a lot of corrugations and truck tracks worn into it, I know it made for a rough ride in the Challenger. Food was on at the pub, so a few partook of extra groceries, despite the delicious cakes at Bindoon, but some of us stayed around the cars and discussed all the finest points of Chrysler engineering, and you can rest assured, there are some experts out there….Murray?? The best part of the day was taking the Korean film crew for a blast - one of us was lucky enough to get the 2 girls, and they both squeeled a lot when that big block opened up. They took lots of happy snaps (as they do) so if any arrive, they will be passed on in a follow up article.

The run was completed by all of us leaving individually and in small groups for the run home in warm, sunny conditions. We will all be rubbing bug splatter off between now and the next run, but that's all part of the pleasure of driving a Chrysler in the country…isn't it….Murray..?