Event Pictures - 2004

June Club Run - Mandurah for Breakfast

Photos by: Sheridan Brown

It seems that each year the Charger Club's annual run to Mandurah for Breakfast just gets bigger and bigger, this year being no exception with 24 Mopars in attendance.

As expected the 8:00am meeting time in the middle of June resulted in a very cold morning and everyone was appropriately rugged up. Although it was a cloudy day the weather was fine which was a great opportunity for everyone to get their cars out for a run.

At around 8:30am the contingent headed off taking a scenic back roads route down to Mandurah. This time of year provided plenty of beautiful lush green scenery, and the whole crew managed to cruise along in an almost uninterrupted single file the whole trip and at a nice leisurely pace.

The cruise down was uneventful, and although we did pass one speed camera, they certain weren't going to be raising any revenue from our members as we all slipped by well under the posted speed limit.

Our cruise wound up at the Castle Waters Nursery, where a fantastic hot breakfast was had by all in their well appointed cafe. Being a family oriented event, member's partners and children were able to warm themselves by the fire in the cafe and browse the Nursery to keep occupied, while "the boys" returned to the car park after breakfast to talk cars.

A nice surprise during the morning was the arrival of a few locals in their Mopars to lend their support, which include a VH Charger and a couple of orange Dodge utes (looking like twins).

One point worth mentioning is that again our club president Michael Maude again did not bring his Charger along as he still has not fitted the necessary single solitary bolt required to fit a baby seat into his car (how hard can it be!!). He copped a lot of ribbing from various people as he's had almost 18 months to get this organised, and hopefully the pressure will force him to cave in before next months run to Guilderton.

The club would like to thank all those who attended and the staff at Castle Waters Nursery in Mandurah for again seeing that this club event was another success. For those who missed out, be sure to look out for this one again next year as this is becoming one of our best patronised events.

Show below are examples of just some of the cars that attended.