Event Pictures - 2004

July Club Run - Guilderton for Lunch

Photos by: Sheridan Brown

This month saw a welcome return to the club calendar of the run to Guilderton (Moore River) for lunch. This event had been staged on a couple of occasions in the early years of the club, but for some reason dropped away. The club members who live north of the river were very happy to see it return!

The meeting point was the car park at "The Arena" in Joondalup (home ground of the West Perth football club), and a nice gathering of 16 Chrysler products braved the incredibly cold morning.

At around 11:00am the procession headed out along Joondalup Drive, and then onto Wanneroo Road to make the trip North to Guilderton, which is about a 45 minute drive. Fifteen of the cars originally gathered made the journey which thankfully was uneventful, and we were even lucky enough to make the entire cruise as an unbroken long line of cars which turned plenty of heads from travellers in the opposite direction.

Upon arrival in town we all gathered in the car park by the river and set up a nice group display with the cars for the locals and other visitors to admire. The weather was magnificent too having warmed up and not a cloud was in the sky, which made this beautiful setting seem picture perfect.

The local Cafe was a little overwhelmed by the large number of people suddenly approaching them for lunch, especially given they had suffered a power outage earlier in the morning which had put them behind the eight ball, but too their credit they did a great job of seating us all comfortably and providing us an excellent lunch.

After lunch everyone took the opportunity to explore a little with kids playing in the play ground and by the river, others choosing to explore the beach, and even make their way up to the lookout to admire the fantastic view over the river mouth feeding in to the ocean. This place is so beautiful you really have to see it in person to appreciate it.

Given that the local caravan park has 10 well appointed Chalets, the club made some enquiries into costs and availability and may consider an over night stay here during the summer months if everyone is interested. Given how lovely it appeared to be in Winter, it must be amazing in Summer...

The club would like to thank all those who attended and made this another successful run. A special note of mention to John & Liz who travelled all the way up from Waroona for this run, and club President Mike who finally fitted a child seat to his Charger and brought it along.