Event Pictures - 2004

November Club Run - York for Lunch

Photos by: Brown & Matt Roper

Vinyl melting temperatures it wasn't, but it threatened to come close on the club run to York. The car park beside the Caltex station in Midvale was the melting, um, meeting Point with 11 Mopars showing up. Actually the temperature wasn't that bad, or so I was informed, as I was the only patsy to show up in an air-con "support" vehicle (thought I'd get in first before Sheridan has a go).

The cruise commenced at 11:00am with the aim of hitting York for lunch around midday. Our convoy of Chryslers got interrupted in Mundaring by a Police chase involving a lunatic riding a trail bike and a squad car. Greg Kirk managed to avoid collision with these projectiles - thank Christ. From this point, the further East we travelled the better it got. The road to Two Lakes proved a wee bit rough but from there to York the cruise was smooth and the scenery superb.

Participants included: Greg Kirk and family in his CH Sedan, John and Sonja with kids in their CL 770 Charger, Matt, Sam and Jessica in OLDVAL (VC Sedan), Richard in his XL Charger, John in the AP5 Sedan, Cheryl and Scott in the VH Hardtop, Jake in his Purple Charger, Dean in his CM Sedan and new member Marc Whiteaker with his recently acquired (and excellent looking) VC Sedan.

Marc's acquisition was inspired by Matt Roper's website which is devoted to his VC Sedan (OLDVAL). Marc was chasing a Charger till he spied pics of OLDVAL after that a Charger wasn't in the hunt. Unfortunately Sheridan and his Dodge Coronet stayed in Perth at departutre time due to wife Melissa being home ill. We made York after midday, parked up behind the Motor Museum, and picked a spot for lunch. David Chandler from Doodlakine, one of our many country members, caught up with the group in town bringing his matt black CL Charger- excellent. As did Kevin Dennis and Family in their CH Hardtop, who were running a little late from Perth.

After something to eat, club members descended on the Motor museum for a look. An excellent range of cars reside here including an immaculate R-series, P76 Leyland, LJ Torana S, 1936 Alvis, a range of MG cars and a host of automotive memorabilia. Peter Harbin is the museum's curator and has been solely responsible for ensuring that the majority of the thirty plus cars are in running order. Peter is trying to track down his father's old VJ E48 Charger, factory blue with black pin stripping, to add to the collection anyone know where this car could be?

All up a great day, and thanks to everybody who came crusin.