Event Pictures - 2007

Doug Chivas Memorial Collie Race Day

Date: 5th May 2007

Photos by: Keegan Rowe

Yet again, another great day at the Doug Chivas Memorial Collie Track Day just passed last weekend. There was a large turnout of cars estimated to be around 25 or 30 which made for a wide variety of metal at the track. New and old alike we all had fun - whether it be with twin turbos or with a lot of cubic inches.

Whilst heading down to Collie the rain was a little discouraging but overall the day was not too wet, often with areas drying up between light sprinkles of rain. A dry line appeared on the track after a period of time but that didn't stop a lot of us having traction issues. On the way back to Perth there was a fair bit more rain so really we were quite lucky to have a mostly dry day at the track.

Trevor Hedge also has some photos posted up on his website here.