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73 Dodge Challenger 340 Rallye
Steve Whelan
Last Updated: 25/05/2018

Here is my 1973 Dodge Challenger 340 Rallye.

Manufactered Dec 1972, it has been in Perth over 13 years. I have had it since late '03 and know its two owners since being imported.

My love affair with the Challenger model began after seeing the movie Vanishing Point, the remake. But it was only after realizing I had missed the bargain of the century that I decided I really wanted one. That bargain was in the Quokka, a 1970 RT 440 and it had been offered for sale as an unfinished project complete with virtually all new parts including a complete new interior and freshly built 6 Pack440, all panel work done in primer, ready for paint and assembly. The price was only $17,000 ono. It stayed in the quokka for over 2 weeks.

I then placed a wanted ad in the same newspaper for a Challenger, not really expecting anything, but amazingly within a week, I got a call from a fellow down south who had one and said I could have it -take it or leave it at the price he offered, with no BS attached. I went and had a look, hardly containing my excitement at seeing my dream car in the flesh. It was a very solid car - no rust that I could see, floors and trunk had been done, and engine bay totally rewired. It was partially disassembled but everything was there including a recently built big valve X head 340 and fresh 727 as well. It couldn't be started and it needed a bit of TLC in places and a tidy up but the price was very right so it was a done deal. The owner was very honest and forward about the whole thing and waited until I got a loan -didn't even want a deposit.

For an extra $1800 I also secured an A833 4 speed and aluminium bellhousing along with the rare 70 T/A slapstick shifter assembly and other goodies.

I found out after doing some research that this car is quite a collectable car in the States -being a factory black (perhaps triple black) 4 speed 340 Rallye car with P/steer, Light Package but no aircond. Exactly what I wanted as I don't like Air. However this car had had the common treatment back in the States - a colour change to this metallic blue and conversion to auto. It also was missing the SureGrip 3.23 or 3.55 rear and an open 2.6 was in its place. No big deal. The original wheels were missing but the current Chrome Road wheels (modified to 15") were an option on this model.

As it stands today, virtually no part of the car has gone untouched in a grand tidy up, except for a back to bare metal respray, which was out of my budget as a driver car. The car is a joy to drive and steering, tracking and handling is surprisingly very good with torque boxes at the front, new 6pack /440 T/bars and gas shocks at the front and the Rallye suspension/sway bar and Koni shocks at the rear. I recently drove the car to Sydney and back and it went like a dream, very reliable and an excellent high speed cruiser.

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