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1970 Dodge Challenger SE
Ian Pattinson
Last Updated: 25/05/2018

This is my 1970 Dodge Challenger SE. It's only a 318 auto but the interior has just been retrimmed and so has the vinyl roof. It's mechanically ok but needs a little bit of body work & a paint job. I intend to keep it standard & put it on club plates.

UPDATE: Well Ian's Challenger didn't turn out very standard after all! It now has fresh green paint which is looking great and there are still a few things left to do such as put the interior back in, do the suspension, exhaust and headers but the big news is Ian has nearly finished the 512 cube stroker that will take pride of place up front.

UPDATE:  The challenger is now licensed not finished but at least i can drive & enjoy it now its still only got the sml block in it but the 440 is built & just waiting for me to put it in but im having too much fun just driving it to pull it apart just yet,heres a few more pics.


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