Event Pictures - 2004

All Chrysler Day Car Show - February 2004

Photos by: Matt Roper

Once again the R & S Series Valiant Car Club of WA successfully hosted the biannual All Chrysler Day Car Show, this time on the 8th of February.

The venue was changed from Gerry Archer Reserve to Bassendean Oval which provided a much greater amount of display space for entrants, and more abundant parking for visitors. From all accounts everyone was very pleased with the new venue and hopefully it will be cemented in for future events.

This year also saw the Charger Club of WA mount a massive club display which included a huge marquee with cars on display inside, along with plenty of club advertising hung up and merchandise on sale. Needless to say the club display was a roaring success and always busy. I'm sure we'll continue on with this idea for future shows.

Estimates place the number of cars on display for the day at over 200, which is a true testiment to just how popular Chryslers have become these days. Scary thing is, most people who had a car on display probably knew of one or two people who owned nice Chryslers that weren't on display.

Entrants and spectators had traveled from as far away as South Australia, Geraldton, Albany and Kalgoorlie.

Congratulations to both local Chrysler clubs for a such a successful show...

Shown below are just a small selection of the cars that were on display.