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1974 VJ770 E55 Valiant Charger
Adrian Byass
Last Updated: 11/08/2009

Well, its not the first attempt to get a nice V8 Valiant, but I now have one which will wait patiently for its restoration. So far its engine out (rebuilt already) and soon we will be into the front suspension and clean up the engine bay area. Built in late 1973 this car represents my fourth Charger of which one other is still in the stable.
Options above standard 770 were E55 and W35 and delete 3 spoke wheel option as well. Vintage red paint and parchment interior complete the look. I have to admit that there will be a 3 spoke wheel back in the cabin otherwise plan is to follow the tried and true rebuild story but keep it street driven when ever it can be.
I bought this car off Mopar Market out of Melbourne early last ( January 2008) year but did not get it with original alloys. They had evidently gone to another car some time earlier as even though it could drive, this one had been parked up for a while before sale to me. It's an original (but rather tired) paint plus a bit of rust, VJ 770 with the 340 E55 engine option (without original steel inlet manifold). The interior is already out as well so its not going to be driven to any cruises in the short term. I would make a bet 2011...
Hopefully I can put some more images up as we progress.
I have put up a few shots which show the car (plus dad Graham Byass and eldest son Thomas) in my shed below the primer grey track car (VH Charger) which is also listed separately on the CCCWA web site. One Charger for Son # 1, the other for Son # 2 and maybe a pony for the girl...

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