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26/09/2022 - Technical problems with website emails

We've been having some technical issues with the emails on the website in the past few days, if you happen to have tried to send us something or filled out a form (e.g. contact form, impromptu run) it wouldn't have gone through. Please try again anytime from 26/09/2022 10:45am.


15/09/2022 - Club Book presented to the State Library of WA

A copy of the club's book was recently presented to the State Library.

One copy of the book will be put into storage as a record for all time.

The State Library also purchased a copy which will be available for general use and reference by the public.

Paul Monkhouse presenting the books to Coenraad Brand from the State Library. 


10/07/2022 - Sponsors on the move - Dynamic Pitstop

Dynamic Pitstop

Dynamic Changes Ten Years On…. 

Dynamic Style Photography and Dynamic Pit Stop are implementing some significant changes to services offered.

This is due to Tony and Tamara adjusting their workloads and focus. With the help of our customers Dynamic Pit Stop has developed more into an online business, both wholesale and retail that continues to grow.

After 10 years we will be closing the Car Studio, shooting and bookings have already ceased. It has been an absolute pleasure shooting your cars and supplying custom product and specialist images.

Our retail shop will also close around the end of August.


Are you closing?  Only the retail shop and car studio. We will continue with phone and online sales.

Is that the end of Miss Perth Pinup Competition?  Not at all, shooting will only be at our Wanneroo Studio. Hopefully, time permitting, the next will be later this year.

Will you still be supporting car clubs and events? Absolutely, as much as we can!

Will we still see your display truck at events? DefinitelyThis in fact will become more of our focus.

I really want my Car/ Bike photographed before you close the studio, can you fit me in? As much as we would like to, sorry no. In the last week or so many past clients have said “please, please”. Sorry at this stage time does not permit. If this changes, we will contact those on the (growing) list.

Can you photograph my car at your other studio? Our Clarkson studio was specifically designed for cars. To get those amazing results it took an amazing studio. Our other studio is more designed for retro pinups. Long answer to say no, sorry.

What about Pounce Mobile Pet Photography? Pre Covid it was off to a great start, we haven’t re activated since things have opened up, purely because we haven’t had time. It is our intention, within the next year or so to re-launch.

Will you continue to add to your selection of locally made signs and products? Always.  

What about your staff? Everybody has a role in the new structure. 

Can I still get custom signs? Yes, that is our speciality. Just pick up the phone or order online.

What will be your trading hours?  As they are now Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm

Will you have a showroom? Yes, invitation only, located in Wanneroo.


Tony, Tamara and staff are really excited about this new direction, it is sad to lose the Car and Bike shoots, we have had a blast! This is also about us getting some time back.

We are not closing, just moving in different directions.   Thanks Everyone!   

Onwards we go.


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Paul Najjar's 1969 Dodge Charger
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